5 Best Paint Roller Covers to Choose From

Pro Grade - Paint Roller Covers - 1/2 X 9 Inch Microfiber 6 Pack

When it comes to painting your home, you might think that all paint roller covers are created equal. After all, who wants to buy paint when there are so many other essentials to buy?

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of paint roller covers, as well as our top picks.

What is a paint roller cover?

A paint roller cover is a cover for your paint roller, extending the life of the paint roller by protecting it from dirt and moisture. It is typically made of a rubber or plastic material, and is often translucent so you can see the roller inside.

How does a paint roller cover work?

A paint roller cover simply snaps onto the paint roller handle. There are two types of paint roller covers: those with a metal roller and those with a plastic roller. The metal roller cover is best for use with metal paint rollers, where the plastic roller cover is best for use with plastic paint rollers.

In order for a paint roller cover to work, you need to keep the roller covered at all times while you are painting. This will help to protect it from dirt, dust, and moisture – especially if you are working in a damp environment. If you don’t have the roller covered, it will pick up all of this, and you will be forced to clean it before you can reuse it.

What are the benefits of a paint roller cover?

A paint roller cover will help to prolong the life of your paint roller, keeping it free from grit, dirt, and sand particles that could damage the finish. You will also be able to protect your furniture, floors, and other areas that you will be painting with the roller by keeping them dust-free.


If you have a smaller space to paint, or you are just trying to save time, a paint roller cover could be just what you are looking for. They are lightweight and easy to store, and take up very little space.

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5 Best Paint Roller Covers to Choose From

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